What does that mean?  Michael is both a problem causer and problem solver.  "The way we've always done things" is a call for disruption and Michael helps you see through that disruption to find a better way.

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How to Teach Kids Better Problem Solving

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Michael coaches to help people learn how to connect with others.  He helps his clients overcome barriers to land dream jobs, improve public speaking skills and gain visibility on social platforms.


Michael believes that learning is best accomplished with hands on training or relatable stories to make concepts come to life.  


Michael is a proven speaker with the ability to connect with audiences for high impact messages.  He speaks on a wide range of topics but brings his signature passion and humor to each.

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Join Michael as he hosts the Successful Storytelling Summit.  He is talking to 40+ TEDx speakers, coaches and organizers to get behind-the-scenes stories on what goes into making a great TEDx talk.

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"“Michael mentored me through Six Sigma training and was instrumental in helping develop my skills in problem solving. Michael was able to help myself and another colleague examine the data using various problem-solving methods to look for all possible solutions, reducing potential injuries within the facility.”"

Angela S
EHS Coordinator

"“This is the best presentation that I have heard in this club and one of the best workshops I have participated in the District. I actually participated and I am a notorious non-participant, your energy engaged us.”"

Allison B.
Toastmaster of 25 years

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